A 14 × 14 inch, acrylic painting of the sky. A journal entry is handwritten on the painting:

“Lisa and I pulled off a kitchen miracle last night. Once I prepped what we thought was an ample amount of salmon belly, we realized it was a pittance for eight eaters. Lisa was on the verge of panic when I calmly told her we could blacken it with curry and use it as a condiment in a mushroom and veggie dish. It was not at all bad. Crazily, I had run into Adrian in the neighborhood earlier in the day, so he joined us with his friend Beatrice as well as Ayham, Anissa, Dave and Yasmil. It was one of the better dinners in a while. Now I’m in my studio listening to the Blues Astronauts and trying to start again.

9/30/18 4 pm