A 14 × 14 inch, acrylic painting of the sky. A journal entry is handwritten on the painting:

“It’s Father’s Day. Lisa and I just did a big Coop shop. Ella’s off to Governor’s Island to tend to oysters, and Addee’s off to Williamsburg to scoop ice-cream. Now, Lisa and I are moving a pottery wheel and, later, buying a new mattress, going to galleries and mixing my glasses. Last night, we went to Kim and Jonathan’s wedding, which was so intimate and lovely. We connected with matt Sharpe, and it was really fun to hear the homemade cello and, especially, to witness Jaya, then Ananda, then Jake connect with Barbara, so loving and fierce and like a second mom. Hope Emmett will join us for dinner tonight.

6/18/17 10:00 a.m.