A 14 × 14 inch, acrylic painting of the sky. A journal entry is handwritten on the painting:

“Bob Reed died this week. We met as I was turning 18. His influence over these 35 years is hard to put into words. He was my teacher, and, eventually I got to teach alongside him until last semester. He famously taught us all that art is hard work, but he also taught me a certain kind of patience and to let the bullshit just slide right off me while cutting right through it. These things were not conveyed through words. I learned a lot just by observing him. His lessons were often indirect. What a great teacher. Anything I know about teaching must have started with him. There are no formulas and no limitations. See what works. I will miss him. Today feels rough, but he equipped me to keep a purpose in life. Later on, we go to Rylan’s house to meet her new baby boy.

12/28/14 11:30