A 14 × 14 inch, acrylic painting of the sky. A journal entry is handwritten on the painting:

“I flew home yesterday to be a moral support to Mom as 할아버지 (grandpa) is on his deathbed. When I walked into his room, he asked me if I had eaten yet. Apparently, he hadn’t talked in over a week. His 103rd birthday will be in 16 days if he makes it. Sharon, Olivia, Wyatt and hanna are here along with Uncle Wha Lim and, of course, Mom and Dad. I’m looking at a clear, blue La Jolla sky. This paint is so tacky. Maybe it’s the dryness here. Hanna is making a sky painting too, with clouds, on cardboard.  

6/13/04 3 pm
La Jolla, CA”